In addition to paid staff, many volunteers use their gifts of communication, administration and organization to facilitate and enhance the ministry and mission of the church.

  • The annual budget for the operation of Shiloh is established by a five-member Finance Committee which includes the church treasurer.  There is wisdom and safety in this team approach to the management of Shiloh’s financial affairs.

  • Shiloh’s correspondent sends bulletins and church newsletters to members who are away from the church for an extended time.  Additionally the correspondent sends notes (announcements, song titles, sermon notes, etc) to those away from the church who request it.

  • Shiloh has a rich history, and thanks to the church historian, it is well documented.  Shiloh’s historian maintains membership records, attendance records and other statistics, and files church bulletins and other important documents throughout the year. 

  • Shiloh’s Nominating Committee utilizes a team approach in discerning the gifts and abilities of Shiloh’s members as they recruit and appoint volunteers to the various ministries of the church.  This is no small feat when you consider that there are over 200 ministry positions filled by volunteers at Shiloh!

  • While the church is so much more than just a building, we are grateful for the building we have,  and for the trustees who work diligently to maintain it and provide a safe and beautiful environment for the life and ministry of the church to be carried out.