Congregational Care

Jesus said the world would know we are his followers because of our love for each other. We take seriously his commands to love, serve, encourage and care for each other.  Whether its families receiving meals following the birth of a child or a hospital stay, people in financial need receiving assistance from the Deacon Committee, a person struggling emotionally or spiritually being surrounded by friends in their small group who lift them up in prayer, we want people to experience the love of Christ in a tangible way.


  • The most basic level of connection and care for each other happens in Shiloh’s small groups. Small groups meet on Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, or other times throughout the week according to each group’s preference. Small group meetings often include a Bible study, sharing and prayer time, and sharing a meal or snack together. Shiloh’s small group leaders are vital to the life and health of the church! If you would like to join a small group, please contact Shiloh’s care pastor, Arlyn Helmuth.
  • Along with staying alert to financial needs that arise within the congregation, Shiloh’s deacons field requests from people outside the church who need assistance. Shiloh’s members contribute to an Alms Fund which is utilized by the Deacon Committee in their work of assisting those in need.
  • At the end of each worship service, several members of the prayer ministry team make themselves available at the front of the church for anyone who would like someone to pray for them.