Hospitality & Fellowship

If you’re new to Shiloh, it won’t take you very long to discover that the people here are welcoming and friendly.  Whether it’s sitting around a fire at the annual Fall Party, enjoying a summer evening together at the annual Ice Cream Social, or just simply hanging around after church and talking with friends or getting to know new people, you’ll find that the people at Shiloh love to do life together.

  • We understand – first impressions matter! We don’t want you to walk into Shiloh and wonder where to go and whether anyone cares if you are here. So you will find friendly faces waiting to greet you when you first come through our doors, and our ushers will help you find the appropriate Sunday school classes for your family, and/or a seat in the sanctuary for the worship service.
  • Starting at 9:10AM, free coffee is available up until the worship service begins at 10:15AM.
  • One of the first things you will notice at Shiloh is how beautifully the facility is decorated. Trust me, the pastors didn’t come up with the décor! We are blessed to have a team of ladies who use their artistic gifts to bless us with a beautiful, warm and welcoming environment.
  • Some of the hardest working people in the church are those who serve on the team responsible for providing food for everything from special church-wide events to funerals and more. And as you might expect of a Mennonite church, we do food well!
  • At least once per quarter, church-wide social events are planned that provide an opportunity for the congregation to have fun together. Small groups take turns planning and hosting the events.